PerformancePoint Time Intelligence Filter with SSRS report connection error

Recently while designing a Dashboard in SharePoint 2010, I created a SSRS 2008 R2 report, which had a parameter of type date, “no problem, it would work great with Time Intelligence Filter”, that’s what I thought, but it didn’t.

My SharePoint site is using UK regional settings, but my reporting services are installed with default options, means it uses US settings.

In the picture below it can be seen that both of these controls understand UK date format, which is logical that they are considering the client’s regional settings.





But when I connect these two, it seems that the date which is being passed to the report is not in the UK format. I can confirm this by selecting an earlier date, for example 10/07/2011, the report interprets it as 7th Oct.












I haven’t found the solution to this problem yet, but I am using a workaround which is to deploy the dashboard without filter and then edit the page in browser and use SharePoint date filter, it works straights away.

So in this case I would blame the Time Intelligence Filter, because the report is working fine with filter web part in the browser.




    • #2 by catz1980 on November 26, 2012 - 4:43 pm

      Also you can configure you report parameter as text and let performancepoint deal with it

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